By Chef Simon Herfray

"Pastry is an art, let's share our passion!"
Born and trained as a Pastry Chef in France
I lived and worked in the UK, Poland, Australia and now the United States.
French'Encas is my way to share my passion and introduce you to my vision of modern French Pastry.

                                       Chef Simon Herfray


Looking to impress a VIP customer or client? Thinking about an opportunity to spend a fun and entertaining evening with family or colleagues?

Let French’Encas and Chef Simon Herfray organize a customized private or corporate event, whether at his kitchen in Manhattan or at your home or office. Chef Simon will work closely with you to create a seasonal, customized menu for your event.
It is easy to get bored making the same, mundane choices of dessert: brownies, cake, pie, cookies. Want to learn how to make sophisticated French desserts? Learn from our French Chef how to make pastries such as Macaron, Mille-Feuilles, Chocoalte and more!

This is a hands-on class, and you will bring home your own creation!
Ask for our special group/couple prices!


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